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The cover of a book acts like a salesman informing the readers about the content and genre. Great covers, therefore, must grab the reader’s attention, engage them on an emotional level, set the tone, and define the style. The cover is not only a billboard for the book, but in some ways, it is the first page of the story. A well-designed cover is the first assurance to the reader that the book is of high quality, both in terms of content and delivery. The cover can either put a customer off or draw them in.

You have to admit that the anticipation of new cover designs is one of the most exciting moments of self-publishing. Wondering what your book’s new cover will look like is comparable to that magical moment in the movie theater when you are waiting for an exciting new movie to hit the screen. It’s a blank canvas just waiting to be filled with gorgeous colors and creative compositions. It is true that there are many instances of books with beautiful covers and bland content and vice versa. However, we believe that the cover is the calling card of a book. Think about it as you browse through bookstores – where are your eyes drawn to? What gives you pause? Is it the title? The tagline? The imagery? In a word, is it the “cover”?

A bad cover is harmful in more ways than one. It puts readers off before they have a chance to take a closer look at the quality of the text, and it makes them think the author must have skimped in other areas because of the cover design. Whether you already have a book cover or want to design one, you should take a cue from successful authors who write in the same genre as your book. How does your cover compare to their cover? If you were to show someone your cover and their cover, which book would they be more likely to want to buy?

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